This are just some of the children who are being supported by SOMI
SOMI Food Programmes
SOMI had its beginnings in 1987 in Nairobi, Kenya when Margaret Kimuyu responded to God's definite instructions to give up an accounting job and start witnessing to her next door neighbours in the upper middle class residence in Nairobi where she resided.

The initial call was to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with individuals and families, and help them develop a permanent realationship with God. True to His promise to Margaret, God blessed her efforts by turning many souls to Himself.

The ministry, which was mainly door-to-door in approach, moved from residence to residence in the neighbourhoods, eventually concentrating in the sprawling Kibera slum where the spiritual and socio-economic needs seemed greater. In time, the ministry expanded to include discipling, follow-up, feeding, clothing, health care, literacy and support for desperately needed vocational training for self reliance. In Nairobi alone, there are many other slums that pose the same challenge as Kibera, and towards which SOMI will be moving as God leads.
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