Slum dwellers selling fish on the streets just to get their daily bread.
SOMI activities
  1. Feeding programme: SOMI currently runs a feeding programmer that currently (June 2008) caters for 200 children. That number is set to double in the next couple of months. At present it costs $15 a month to feed each child.
  2. Child sponsorship program: The objectives are to increase access to primary education. The program has about 120 children, a few of whom have graduated to secondary school under the program. Selection to the sponsorship program is based on the perceived level of need and ability to secure a sponsor.
  3. Evangelism: SOMI partnered with an International Charity to build a fellowship centre where a small group of evangelized people meet to worship and share the word. A pastor leads the fellowship supported by evangelists recruited for the purpose.
  4. School building program: we are involved in building of a school classroom byschool. Currently the school caters for for200 children fron kindergarten to standard 2 and although a small levy is charged, few parents can afford this.
  5. HIV/AIDS Orphan Care: SOMI provides food as well sa medication including Anti Retroviral drugs to a number of AIDS orphan some NGO’s in he area provide ARVs for free so somi’s focusedon providing medication for illnesses that the children frequently get such as malaria and pneumonia.
  6. School teachers support: SOMI has engaged teachers for the kindergarten and requires for the kindergarten and requires partners to provide support towars towards paying their salaries as currenly SOMI is only able to pay a small stipend to them.

    SOMI has an office from which ot operates and has engaged one staff member to help run its activites. The office also doubles up as a place to store the donations (food and clothing) that we receive, these are distributed as need arise in the community. costs associated with the running this office include monthly rent, communication costs and salary for staff.

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